How to Make Money Using Facebook by Advertising

Putting up advertisements to make money using Facebook, the social networking site, is one of the best opportunities to target advertising online. This is so as the Facebook users do find different information related to their gender, age, interest, location, etc. thereby, one can focus their advertisements to the target group they want to, directly.Simple steps to make money using Facebook:1.Open the Facebook site and go on advertising page. There you will find an advertising link, click on it and say create social ad. This will get you started on your mission business on Facebook.2.Put in your site. At this point, if user’s click on your advertisements, they will be directly directed to your website.3.Then, you need to target your advertisements. If you try to see the next page, you have a probability to select the demographics that you desire your advertisement should be displayed to. Select an age group, gender, relationship status, educational status or political views or you can even leave the option blank in order to make an inclusive category. Insert the keywords in the keyword category that are associated to the interests that you would wish the target group should possess.4.Make your ad and place your Facebook ad on the next page. Make a short and appealing title that will explain your product or site.5.Select if you would like to have pay per view or pay or per click option.6.Fix up a budget. Insert the sum that you would be paying each day. You can pay less than what is being put here, however, it would be the maximum sum, you will be paying for the Facebook advertisements for a single day.7.Start your bid for advertisement space and enter the sum you can pay for it.This is all about how to make money using Facebook.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Facebook?

This is a common question I get asked and unfortunately it’s difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer.I guess the best answer I can give is ‘Whatever you want it to cost’.With Facebook advertising, you are completely in control of how much you want to spend, from the beginning to the end of a campaign.That said, there are many factors that go into determining how much you want to spend, and in how much bang you’re going to get for your buck.CPC vs CPMOne of the decisions you’re going to need to make when building your campaign is whether to pay based on the CPC (Cost per click) or the CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions).If what you’re after is mainly spreading awareness of your brand, CPM will definitely help you accomplish this. Because Facebook knows they get paid regardless of whether people click on your ad, you will get a ton of impressions right away.But if you ultimately want sales, leads or conversions, CPC may be a better choice for you. This way you’re only paying based on actual clicks to your Facebook page or website.This subject is covered in much greater detail in our Facebook ads PPC training.Daily BudgetFacebook lets (actually requires) you to choose the maximum amount you want to spend per day. The minimum daily budget allowed is $1 US.You can of course decide this before you even create an ad, however it helps to know how much each click (if you’re doing CPC) is going to cost you before you decide.To figure out the approximate cost you’ll pay per click, simply create an ad, enter all your targeting preferences, and right near the bottom you’ll see the estimated CPC.Keep in mind this is the max you’ll pay…you may in fact end up paying much less.How Facebook determines the Cost of Your AdEach time a Facebook user views a page that displays ads or sponsored stores, an auction takes place. The advertiser who wins that auction has their ad or story displayed on that page.The reason I’m mentioning this here is that part of how Facebook determines when your ad is displayed is based on your bid (the maximum CPC or CPM you have selected).The advertiser with the highest bid, all other things being equal, will ‘win’ that spot.Remember that the bid amount you have selected is your maximum bid. If you can win an auction with a lower bid, you will only be charged for the lower amount.Another important factor in how much you will end up paying is the CTR (click through rate) of your ad. It is commonly known that the higher your ad’s CTR, the lower your CPC.[There is a third factor which comes into play in determining who wins an auction – the quality of your ad. More on this in another post].Your Facebook Ad Should End Up Costing You Nothing!The ultimate goal is to make sure your ROI (return on investment) is higher than your cost to advertise.The sales, leads, and conversions you achieve through your Facebook advertising should be more than making up for the cost of advertising.
If you’re paying MORE for your ads than you’re bringing in THROUGH the ads, there is something wrong and you need to seriously reevaluate your campaign!So, as you can see, it’s hard to give a straight forward answer to the question, how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook.But I hope this has given you a bit of an idea of how to determine how much you want to spend to achieve the results you want.

Facebook: A Cost Effective Way of Advertising

Today, social networking sites are used by everyone from teenagers to grandparents. The reason behind the success of social networking site is their popularity and convenience, especially Facebook. About 100 million people in the United States are a part of Facebook. And if Facebook can connect thousands of people around the world for socializing, why not benefit by using it to advertise your product or service? Imagine how far your advertisement will reach when you post it on Facebook. It is naturally more advantageous and economical than expensive pay-per-click ads appearing elsewhere on the internet.One simple rule about the mindset of Facebook users do not want to leave the page they are on and go to another page less interesting. Simply placing ads which will take them directly to the advertiser’s website is not a good idea. Instead, try focusing on creating a Facebook page for your particular product/service so the user doesn’t feel he is being taken away from Facebook for something of no interest to him.When advertising with Facebook, make sure the user’s needs have been kept in mind. Images attract people to read or learn more about that particular product. Any advertisement with more text and fewer images generally won’t attract people. Humans tend toward checking out images rather than reading text.For this reason Facebook advertisements must have an attractive, but short tag line connected to an image. It is then necessary for the ad to be regularly updated, as stale ads do not entertain users because the ad offers nothing unique to look at.Here are a few points about how Facebook advertising works:1. Choosing a target – Facebook users provide detailed information about themselves such as their likes, hobbies, education, and so on. When advertising with Facebook, companies can make use of this information and target groups most likely to be interested in their particular product/service.2. Tracking users – Facebook keeps a tab of how many times a user has clicked on a particular advertisement, but doesn’t track what happens after that click. It is the company responsibility to track what or if a particular user clicked and purchased anything, or just browsed and moved on.3. Pop ups – Facebook advertisers knew traditional ads won’t be noticed. Instead they offer ads which have around 135 characters and an attractive image. Normally around 3 to 4 ads run at a time in the vertical column at the side of a Facebook page.4. Be aware that Facebook rejects any ad that is dangerous or has lewd content which doesn’t suit certain age groups. It is a part of their advertising policy.In conclusion, advertising on Facebook is different from advertising on Google. People turn to Google to find information, not look at advertising. Therefore ads are best placed on Facebook where the user doesn’t mind spending a minute or two more reading your advertisement. Who knows, it just might appeal him.